I originally hail from Leeds in the North of England and retain a masochistic love of Leeds United but am currently adding Amsterdam to the long list of cities in which I have plied the IT trade.

Don’t expect consistency of content or timing here – I’ll go from gadgets to enterprise storage to economics and philosophy (I hope). Given past experience, I am likely to delete the whole thing on a whim one day (it’s happened before).

72A was my chosen seat on the old 747-200s that Qantas ran between Melbourne and Perth until recently (I did a lot of that run while in Australia). It was in the very back of the plane with all the attendant noise and movement you got at the back of the old 747s. It did however, gain you a tiny but welcome additional quantity of leg-space.

I work for EMC Consulting although the content of this blog is entirely my own responsibility and should not be taken in any way to represent the views or position of my employer.


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